What the critics have to say:

Listen, just listen and rejoice!

As for the message that their music transmits... it makes me think of a breezy terrace, a cold drink, a group of friends and a party.


The band sounds exactly like it's name - an electric version of the middle eastern desert. A beautiful thing

Electric Desert@JLM.Fm

Bielefeld (GER) - Paul Yuval Adam

"The group’s arrangements and performance leaves the audience with a feeling of cultural understanding of many musical traditions but in the same way of having experienced something completely new." 

Israel - Joni Levi Isserlish

"When you get hooked to Electric Desert I want you to remember that I was among the first ones to say that it is one of the most important, interesting, and original bands that came out..." 


Neue Westfälische (GER) - Von Eckart Schonlau

"Passionate, fierce and sentimental songs are entwined by groovy melodies ..."

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